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I have been going to this exercise class for a few years now, and couldn’t recommend it more highly. ‘Bootcamp’ is a bit of a misnomer: it’s quite tough, and you get properly out of breath, but you can take it easier if you want to and there’s certainly no sergeant-major style shouting. Adele continuously varies the exercises and introduces new routines, so you never know quite what you are going to get each morning. And the park is beautiful in all its moods.

Anna L

I have been attending Trilogy Bootcamp with Adele in Ravenscourt Park for about 8 months.  I feel fitter and stronger than I have ever been and never thought I would enjoy exercising so much. Most surprisingly I have loved the winter months the most. There is something magical about starting off in the dark and finishing your workout with the rising sun – and I’m not much of a morning person!  Adele makes the time fly with her entertaining tales and there is always some new combination of exercises to try.  Highly recommended!

Kirsten H

I thought I would be a fair-weather boot camper but Adele got me wasting my membership at the nice warm gym next door to my house because it was exhilarating, and more fun,  to work out in the park even on dark, rainy, winter mornings.

Jill M

Adele’s energy and enthusiasm at 7 in the morning is really something to behold. I’m always happy when I get to her class; it’s a fantastic way to start the day.

Kate G

I can’t believe I’m hitting the park three mornings a week in the pitch darkness to exercise with Adele – but I love it! Congenial company, fresh air, hard exercise plus I get to see the sunrise.  I have never been so fit and winter has never felt such fun.

Natasha F

Having been a sporadic unenthusiastic exerciser for most of my adult life, Adele’s enthusiasm, fun and varied workouts and the camaraderie of boot camp have got me out of bed 3 times a week consistently for the last 15 months.  I actually enjoy the 7am sessions and have never felt fitter.  Strongly recommended!

Maria D

I am someone who needs to be bossed around and motivated to keep fit and also need to keep it local. I would waste my money on a gym membership as I would just never go, I am much happier outside in the fresh air.
Ravenscourt Bootcamp ticks all the boxes for me and though I have only just started and rubbish at it – watch this space.
Cant wait for the 7am winter sessions, I am always up very early anyway!

Annie P

Adele’s boot camp in Ravenscourt Park does more than transform your fitness levels … it lifts your spirit. The crazy running about on the grass (pretending to be frogs or Greek dancing) turns you from an old grump into an energetic human being.  What is more, being in the open air in touch with nature creates a ridiculously good feeling that stays with you all day.  Better than Prozac, cheaper than drink, and a trim body. What’s not to like.

Cresta N

I was always the worst in PE at school.
I didn’t believe in endorphins.
I thought I hated exercise.
That was until I followed through on a new year resolution to try to get fit by joining boot camp.
Two and a half years later bootcamp is a fixture in my life. Adele has worked miracles to turn me into someone who loves exercise – even at 7am on a drizzly Monday in March!

Frances G

I never thought I would have the energy to wake up for exercise 3 days a week for 7am but Adele’s positivity and enthusiasm is infectious and she makes the time pass so quickly with her creative ways to make us fit. I never thought it was possible to enjoy exercise that works every part of your body intensively!

Olivia S

Ravenscourt bootcamp was exactly what I was looking for – no sweaty gyms or boring treadmills – fresh air, motivating instructor, variety of exercises – I feel invigorated after every session, endorphins flowing and more energy for my 4 kids.

Katy M

I have been loving bootcamp for a couple of years now. Rain or shine it’s a fabulous feeling to work out in the park. Adele’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious and she makes every workout challenging yet fun. It beats the gym every time.

Charlotte D

Fab, fun, friendly -I absolutely love boot camp with Adele. A great group of supportive people and good, challenging exercise in a beautiful location. I’ve definitely got fitter and enjoyed doing it.

Sophie D

Back at Ravenscourt Bootcamp today after a long break – hooray! Any trepidation evaporated with the warm welcome and our trainer Adele’s undimmed enthusiasm, which overrides the fact that it’s only 7am (9.15 also available). But by 8am the day’s exercise is done and dusted, I’m definitely wide awake and ready to face the day with extra vigour – and I know from past experience that after a few sessions it only gets better.

Hilary P

My favourite time of the week – fresh air, exercise, friends and fun in gorgeous Ravenscourt Park with super motivating Adele.

Jackie A

We have such a great time! Fantastic park, amazing instructor, wonderful members! A really good work out where professional guidance and advice from Adele allows you to find your own level and push yourself further (which is great)! And then there’s the never ending good energy that Adele showers everyone in – always a great way to start the day!

Trine B

Amazing Bootcamp with fantastic people. What a great experience with a thoughtful caring trainer  highly recommended!!!

Stephanie J

Ever since I saw Adele hopping up and down with her boundless enthusiasm and the laughs and sweat emanating from her group, I was in. I used to travel a lot so could only pop in every now and again. I was always made to feel welcome whenever I returned.

I am now in London a lot more so am now more of a regular! If you are new or rusty the exercises are explained and alternatives swiftly offered if you need them. The setting is brilliant and the session really is a great way to start your day, it just picks you up as well as giving you a really good workout. Flexible, competitively priced and fun.

Jane C

Ravenscourt Bootcamp is brilliant - if you are feeling nervous at getting back into exercising or need to keep your levels of fitness high. Really welcoming. Exercise in the park so much better than in a gym. The Stretch and Flow classes online are also fantastic.

Just try it!

Laura B


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