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Exercise outdoors with a supportive and fun loving group to improve your physical health, relieve stress and build lasting friendships. 

Ravenscourt Bootcamp is all about fun fitness in the outdoors and operates out of Ravenscourt Park in West London.

Classes are varied, challenging and accessible for all fitness levels and are an enjoyably social way to get fit or maintain your weekly physical activity for a healthy lifestyle.

Where going to a gym can mean working out in isolation  – often without really knowing what to do – bootcamp means working out in a social environment where members and instructors support and inspire each other.

Our members also enjoy – and themselves at times arrange – social activities around and outside of classes.


Most of our new members come with a low level of fitness and find Ravenscourt Bootcamp a welcoming and unintimidating environment in which to get started. Most of our regular members have made bootcamp a part of their life, attending for years at a time.

Please try us out with  a free trial session , after which you can pay drop in rates or choose from a range of more economic monthly membership plans.



What our members are saying

I have been going to this exercise class for a few years now, and couldn’t recommend it more highly. ‘Bootcamp’ is a bit of a misnomer: it’s quite tough, and you get properly out of breath, but you can take it easier if you want to and there’s certainly no sergeant-major style shouting. Adele continuously varies the exercises and introduces new routines, so you never know quite what you are going to get each morning. And the park is beautiful in all its moods.

Anna L
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