Adele Andersen

Ravenscourt Bootcamp is owned by Ravenscourt local Adele Kirby, an unnecessarily energetic Australian fitness professional who teaches the morning classes.

Adele has been teaching group exercise classes (Cycle, Body Combat, Body Pump and Body Balance) in west London gyms for 10 years and has been teaching bootcamp in Ravenscourt Park since November 2012. She is also a fully qualified personal trainer.

She brings infectious energy, varied exercise plans, a spirit of camaraderie and relentless encouragement to class and ensures cover instructors are similarly supportive to members.

Adele also keeps an eye on what members are up to outside bootie and enjoys arranging social and cultural events celebrating the many talents of the RBC community.

She can often otherwise be found in local cafes working on Apocalypse Survival Training, a ground breaking entertainment fitness app from her start-up company Imaginactive. Both companies share her overriding philosophy of making fitness fun.

Sylvia Osei-Tutu

Sylvia was one of those strange girls at school who looked forward to PE, enjoying rugby, tennis, gymnastics, swimming, discus and track to name few. She kept up her sports throughout college and university before starting to teach body conditioning and circuits classes for gyms.

Sylva is also part of the Great British Power lifting Federation. She started competitively powerlifting a year ago and soon after qualified for the Womens British Classic Championships. Her current stats are an impressive bench 97.5kg,  squat 130kg  and deadlift 155kg.

Sylvia first came to Ravenscourt Bootcamp as a cover instructor for Adele, but was immediately adored by the morning classes and so for 2016 is starting our evening trial classes. She has a brilliant way of motivating the classes and is always driving them to get one more rep!


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